Optical Store Management Software helps take your business to the next level.

What Is Optical Store Software?

The Optical Management Software is the best easy solution for all Optical Retail Stores to manage the sale and purchase. It will helps you to build a healthy relationship with the customers. You don’t have to worry for the security as this software for your store is 100% secured with SSL, Data Encryption & IP.

As the current scenario with the increasing competition in the eCommerce world, owners of the optical retailers are focusing on giving the best service to the customers and increasing their competitive edge. For the retailers it can be the challenge to operating a business that provides sight instructions as well as fancy frames of the spectacles, prescription lenses & contacts lenses.

Key Features

The software is compiled with multiple features like POS software, accounting software, CRM facility, Inventory / Stock management, invoicing / billing software, bar-code management, SMS facility & Insurance Software. Optical Shop Software is natural to work with, even for the non-technical roles, It provides the owners with visibility into product & store performance, manage & schedule your bookings and appointments with the customers notification.

  • Reminders to Customers:

In this busy life the customers are forgetting to take care themselves. No one is focusing on the expiry date of their contact lenses and by mistake they could use them again and again, which may lead to the eye infection or it could damage the vision also. Accountant Lalaji Optical Store Management Software has a system to identify the expiry date of the particular customer’s contact lenses. It also provides the option to send the notification to them for the replacement of the expired product. This could help you to win the trust of the customers and to lead the stable growth of the business.

  • Analytical Report:

From Accountant Lalaji software you will get the efficient tools and profitably manage technical data related to lenses, frames and contact lenses and link them to customers’ prescriptions. It will also provides analytical reports that track fashion trends and ease with stocking the correct style, colour and size assortment.

  • Integration:

This real-time Billing & Inventory Management Optical Software enables integration of in-store retail with the process of back office & an online storefront. Its feature allows up-to-date, exacr reports including lab orders, stock status, sales, and delivery. Accountant Lalaji software is designed to scale your business. APIs facilitate integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other financial applications. The software’s extensibility kit (SDK) alows optical shop retailers to incorporate their unique processes into the application without impacting upgrades or updates.

Unlimited Features

    • SPH & CYL Wise Stock Management
    • Purchase and Sale Management
    • Customer & Vendor Management
    • GST Ready
    • SMS Invoice
    • Purchase and Sale Management
    • Multiple Store
    • Stock Transfer
    • Callahan / Quotation
    • HSN / SAC Management
    • Multi User / Staff Roles
    • Backup Downloads

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