Is Automobile Workshop Management Software is Useful? (Bike & Car )

Benefits Of Automobile Management Software

Automobile workshop management software system helps in managing auto spare parts stocks, sales, purchase, order, vehicle servicing details, job card, customer claim records, insurance, workshop vehicle tools, mechanic leaves & attendance. It also known as the Garage management software.

Accountant Lalaji Software accelerates the workflow of Garage owners, wholesale auto parts business. It facilitates the sales bills, easy purchase of auto parts, their accounting, invoicing, and CRM. Get advanced stock management option that facilitates exact tracking of goods availability and helps businesses in re-ordering, fastest billing, discount schemes, and offer generation. Also, you can integrate your business with customized B2B/B2C mobile app solutions.

Most Demanding Requirements of Automotive Repairs


Accountant Lalaji Automobile Workshop Management Software doesn’t need any installation. Get the best automated backup options. As we all know if there is any good things happen then there must be bad happen before it, therefore we brings you the Disaster Recovery module for your growing business. The software is made to maximize the productivity for high-performing task in the workshop which is accessible remotely. 


By this benefit feature you will have the function to manage customers by date and record the customer reports in it. Arrange the list of orders by vendor and customer. Keep the data separately by category and product wise. It has the module to understand your weekly, monthly and yearly financial report with profit and loss.

Easy To USE:

You don’t have to worry that the software is difficult or what. The software can also be used by a non-technical person. It is intelligent enough to understand your queries and make your billing quick. The design of the software is made like it will take only 30 mins to learn and have a feature of auto-suggest. You don’t have to learn many computer skills for that it is totally easy to use. 

Vendor Management:

The workshop is the place where everyone is busy to do their job. So, by this we forgets or underestimate the management of the vendors from where we buy the spare parts for our customers. Software provides the vendor management system with all the features like how and when to pay them, their outstanding bills, payment alerts and suggests the routine of payment.

Quick Job Cards:

As we all know that how much the job card is important for the customers for repairing their vehicles. To win the trust of the customer and make an assurance for the business we provide them a Job Card. This software helps you to reduce the time to customize job cards on your own. It creates a job card easily and quickly in less than 10 minutes. It also assigns it to the customers automatically. The software feeds the start and stop date of the job card and inspects the service of the customers.

INventory Management:

Stock Management is a vital role in every business but today, managing anything manually is very difficult. There are lots of work to be done and the pressure made it complete before customers ask. The Inventory Management feature in the software helps you to manage the stocks in the workshop like Stock In & Out, Stock Reports, keeping of Product Categorial Reports, Purchase and Purchase Return Report, and Alerts you for the low stock of any products.


Automobile Workshop Management Software is now very useful for the repairing work, Accountant Lalaji provides you the affordable and easy-to-use module to grow your business and retain the customers for long term. Give your Workshop a Turbo Speed to boost your business.

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