Event Booking App

15,000.00 3,999.00

  • Inform event attendees with schedules, speaker profiles, and much more.
  • Offer a feature-rich native app to your attendees.
  • Helps customer Book with your Venue or Event again.
  • Carry out analysis on both Customers and on Events.

Event Booking App

Manage all Bookings for your Events with the help of our Event Booking App. it can help payment and also make it allow that a Customer will Book with your Venue or Event again. Billing Software handles deposit, invoice and credit note for you, and goes further. Software Solution also gives you to carry out analysis on both Customers and on Events.


Barcode Sale

Sale Products via Barcode or Name Directly

Easy & Fast Billing

Fastest Way to Create Invoices / Bills

Challan / Quotation

Create and Manage with Serial No. & Records


Manage Return or Sale

Stock Transfer

Transfer Internally like Store to Store Transfer

Discount / Offers

Your Own Managed Offers for Direct Sale

Inventory / Vendor

All Vendors and Purchase Management with Consumption logs


Track All Payment Transactions and Expense

Multi Company / Store

Manage Multiple Companies / Stores under One Panel

Cashier Role

Separate Roles with Min. Features with Maximum Efficiency

Mode of Payments

Self Managed MOP like Cash, Wallets, UPI etc

Account Statement

Separate Records Statement Print

Bulk SMS

SMS on Your Desire Activities like Sale, Payments

Import / Export

Import your data & Export Required Data

IMEI / Serial No.

Sale via IMEI / Serial No. Directly


Record Finance Goods Information


Clients and Leads Management with Reminders

Wallet / Points

Clients Self Balance & Points Collection Wallet

EMI Reminder

Keep Records of Your EMI

GST Report

GST Reports Format & Excel Export


Around Eight Indian languages Supported

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