How To Use Dairy Billing & Management Software


Dairy products are products people use in regular basis. But the products expires in just a few days. So, its important to the owner to know exactly how many products required for a particular day or for a couple of days. Even noting down suppliers details are crucial because inventory order placing happens almost all days.


As most products get sold on an everyday. Just Billing Dairy Software can create day to day sales reports, which will help you to understand what are the products getting sold more.


Planning about product is one of the important tasks in the business because usually most of the sales created in the early day time. Dairy management software gives you real-time inventory update and you can easily know how many products you need to place the order.


Giving several payment mode options is actually a benefit to the proprietor. Dairy Billing & Management software gives options to the customer in which they want to pay. Today lot of payments gateways giving additional benefits for using their service.

Accountant Lalaji designed Dairy Management software for Dairy business operations. It is a highly configurable & scalable system, which cater to both the small & the large dairies. From the collection of milk to the storage of milk and later processing of milk and its various products being produced at various stages. Our Dairy Software provides the solution for dairy management looks at all the important processes that go into producing quality milk products.

It also ensures that the dairy products are managed and distributed in the right way, thus assists the dairy business immensely.

Key features of our Dairy Management Software are

  • Stock Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Livestock management
  • Daily Report
  • Sales 
  • Purchase 
  • Payment Report
  • Recurring Bills 
  • Receipt Report
  • Milk yield Management 
  • Manage Feed Stock

Accountant lalaji Dairy Management Software comes with

  • Web Admin Panel:

Our admin has the unique login and password which completely controls the working. Admin will verify the reports entered by the manager.  The admin has all the rights he can manage feedstock, dairy, update mil rate, adding, deleting, updating, preparing reports. 

  •  Livestock & Feed Management 

Accountantlalaji dairy management software helps the owners to manage their livestock counts by state, breed type, and their vaccinations. Additionally, it is also possible to document their feeding strategy, recording the feed consumption, ingredient lists, their rates with the total expenses and revenue. With this information, it becomes easy to understand what measures will lead to better practices and profits in livestock.

  • Order status:

Accountant Lalaji’s Order status allows you to check the live status of your orders. This allows you to provide quality service to your customers and hence increase your customer base.

  • Delivery boy 

The Delivery Boy is an android app that comes along the dairy management system by accountant lalaji. Through this app, the delivery person can easily navigate to the customer’s address and deliver your products.

  • Daily order management:

For Dairy businesses the daily orders reports is very crucial as it allows them to plan for the upcoming days and weeks. This leads to greater business efficiency and a reduction in waste generation.

  • Sales and Billing

Easily manage all sales purchases from the dashboard. You can also generate bills, Monthly subscription with a click of a button. Our software comes with GST and other taxing options pre-built and doesn’t cost you extra.

  • Testing / Suppliers

All your product test report is stored on the Cloud server. the list of supplier with the purchase history is also securely stored on the cloud server

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