5 Ways to Improve Your Business During Market Slowdown

Easing business during these tough times

The covid-19 disease has hit India hard and is entering stage 3 where we see community transmission but during these hard times we should not panic and follow Government protocols and together we Indians will fight and overcome this situation. It’s our primary duty to prevent it from spreading further and should avoid non-essential travels, wash frequent hands and use sanitizers and maintain personal hygiene. 

Since we know with this restricted movements, daily running businesses will see an impact, In this difficult time, they should not panic as ups and downs are part of the business. We at Vias group are always focused at our client’s benefits in difficult times as well and we suggest few steps that you as a business owner can take during this market slowdown to keep sustaining your business and running it smoothly.

Most Importantly

Sensitization & Cleaning

  1. Sanitize your Business Area: Hygiene is very important for a business of all kind this includes properly
  2. Sanitize your Staff Area, Tools, Equipment and Production Area.
  3. Do Remember to Sanitize your Biometric devices, Door Handles, Pantry, and Washrooms Properly.
  4. Reduce Clutter and Non Productive objects or Any Kind of Nonessential Old Documents and Papers.

Improve your Online Business Presence

  1. Google Business: To improve your local Reachability Google Business page help you reach customers that are searching for your service.
  2. Facebook Page for Business: Engage with your customers on various Social Media Channels like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.
  3. Free Classified Listing: List your Business on Free Directories site such as Justdial, Sulekha, IndiaMART, etc.
  4. List your Business with Available Aggregators like Zomato, Swiggy, Oyo, OBY, etc
  5. Think about Creating a Website and Mobile App.

Strategic Planning

  1. Marketing Strategy: Think about current marketing strategies you are already using and Improve it.
  2. Self Realize: Your business practices and learn from your old mistakes
  3. Keep yourself Healthy and update with Technology.
  4. Future Planning: Staff Recruitment, Performance, and Task Planning

Improvise your Product & Service

You can utilize this downtime to your advantage by improving your product and services this will give you a competitive advantage when the market starts to grow

  1. Improve or Update you Billing Software
  2. Use Digital Solutions according to your business need
  3. Update some internal connecting methods for conversation or Data Sharing Methods
  4. Incorporate CRM: Customer Relationship Management

Build Customer Relationship (Virtually)

Keep in touch with your customers and gather their feedback and suggestions to further improvise your business. You can keep in touch using various digital channels such as

  1. Whatsapp
  2. Facebook
  3. Skype
  4. Call
  5. Messages
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